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The Burst & Zick GmbH produces for Salesmens Vapor-Phase soldering machines for your production as well as a widest variety of Leadforming equipment for the electronic industry which serves the processing (cut, shape, bend) of radial and axial THT-components (passing trough technology) to assembly p.c. boards and so on. All of our stamping and bending tools are strain relief relative to the Construction unit body, so no stress will arise to the components while the leads are being processed. Also no other damages will take affect. This is a considerable measurement against your quality control and process safety.

In addition to our standard Product range we also offer machines for the automation. Even special devices, which will be developed to meet our customers desires and needs, is a part of our daily work.

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Contact us! Our experienced Team stands as a Guarantor for innovative Development based on highest craftsmanschip. The Employment of more modern Manufactoring plants, as well as the professional Support of our customers vouches the quality of our products.
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